Based in San Francisco, CA, Satel provides High Speed Internet, VoiSelect Digital Voice, and DIRECTV™ for Multi-dwelling buildings including: Businesses, Apartments and Condominiums, and Residential Communities since 2008. directv

We partner with Building Managers and DIRECTV™ Service Operators to provide dedicated High-Speed Internet and VoiSelect Digital Voice at a fraction of the cost of legacy carriers. Using advanced technology, we connect all kinds of communities BETTER, FASTER, and CHEAPER.



Only Satel offers dedicated one-hop, internet service specifically to your building.



Satel’s high-speed internet is 5 times faster than the big cable companies and 1o times faster than DSL.



High-speed internet at 50% less than the average cable internet bill.

A Bottom Line Business Strategy to Reduce Costs & get Blazing Fast, True Business-Class Internet, Digital Voice and HD TV. Something “Big Cable” can’t match at any cost.

How You can Save Lots of  Money & get Blazing Fast Internet and HD TV Entertainment. Something “Big Cable” can’t match at any cost.