Satel VoiSelect Digital Voice – Residential

Reliable and Affordable Business Phone Service Starting at $29.95

Satel VoiSelect Digital Phone Service is the perfect complement to our High-speed Internet service. Why pay more for phone service and get fewer features?

With Satel VoiSelect, you have access to many popular calling features, including Voice Mail, Three-way Calling, Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, and Call Return (*69). Best of all, you can call anywhere in the U.S. and Canada for free!


Caller ID

Allows you to view the telephone number of incoming callers that do not block their Caller ID. You also have the option to show or block your own Caller ID on a per call basis or as a default setting for all of the calls that you make.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Reject incoming callers who have blocked their directory or identifying information.

Do Not Disturb

Redirect all incoming calls to voicemail when you do not wish to take calls.

Call Return

Initiate a call to the last incoming caller by dialing *69.

Call Return

Initiate a call to the last incoming caller by dialing *69.

Call Waiting

If you are on the telephone when another call comes in, you will be alerted to the new call. You can press your flash button to answer the second call and your first call will be placed on hold.

Three-Way Calling

Chat with two people at once.

Call Forwarding

Forward all your calls when you are busy, on the line, or away from home.

Call Blast

Forward your calls to up to four alternate locations selecting from sequential, simultaneous, and overlapping call lasts.

Voice Mail

Whether you are on another call, not at home, or just too busy, we will send the caller to your own personal voice mailbox. You can retrieve your messages at a time that is convenient for you by phone, online account, and via email.

7-Digit Calling

If you have an area code that you dial frequently, enabling this feature gives you the freedom to eliminate 11-digit dialing to numbers within that area code.

Speed Dial

Enter all your frequently dialed numbers for quick and simple access.