Building Managers

Building Managers

A Better Telecommunications Alternative for Commercial and Residential Properties!



Satel partners with Building Management to provide tenants and residents a better option for telecommunication services including DIRECTV, High-Speed Internet, and VoiSelect Digital Telephone. Our network deployment process provides meaningful benefits to Building Owners or Managers.

  • All Equipment and labor to install and implement the network is provided at no cost.
  • There are no up-front or reoccurring costs to maintain the network; equipment and maintenance are the responsibly of Satel
  • The Building’s existing Coaxial, Ethernet, or telephone infrastructure is used to deploy the network and no additional wiring or the additional cost of re-writing is required.

Offering current and prospective tenants a wider choice of amenities provides benefits for Building Management as well:

  • Reduced tenant and resident turnover
  • Increased lease inquiries with a unique service offering
  • Provides an additional lease closing tool
  • Increased property revenue

We offer Property Managers both retail and wholesale (bulk rate) options. Choose the retail plan, and Satel will handle all marketing services directly to your residents. Choose the wholesale plan, and Property Managers can decide whether to offer Satel services as an add-on to the monthly rent or use them as an amenity by offering free or reduced rate telecommunication services.

We have Bulk Rate plans designed specifically for HOAs and we extend attractive discount plans for non-profit organizations. We can customize a Bulk Rate Internet solution specifically for your HOA, including a ramp-up schedule to allow time for residents to switch providers and a penetration cap (i.e. 80%) to allow for vacancies or residents that don’t want to take advantage of the better services.